"Conversations with Cass" are a collection of inspirational interviews conducted by Cass Warner's non-profit – "The Dream Factory." More at: "The Inspirational Library"

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Cass Warner is the founder and president of Warner Sisters, Inc. an independent film & tv production company. WarnerSisters.com

Under Cass's guidance, each project on her slate seeks to "educate, entertain and enlighten" – carrying on the original goal set forth by her grandfather, Harry Warner, president and co-founder of the original Warner Bros. studio. Raised on a steady diet of classics, watching and apprenticing under her father, writer/producer Milton Sperling, twice nominated for an Academy Award for two of his films, her career began. Besides writing and developing screenplays, Cass authored the best-selling book on her family, THE BROTHERS WARNER.

Cass also directed, wrote, and produced THE BROTHERS WARNER documentary.


Driven by his love of artistic expression, Stephan Malik focuses his creativity into the practice of editing. His visual and musical background infuses his approach with a style that is all his own. Broadly experienced in a variety of formats, he is able to take the director's vision and craft it perfectly to achieve any desired look and feel.

With an in-depth understanding of film composition, Stephan understands the importance of rhythm and cadence in association with emotive storytelling. The balance between the selection of superior imagery, and the manner in which it is used, makes a cut successful. With additional training in instrumentation and graphic design, he knows the importance of how both the auditory and visual elements are woven together to make a piece truly come together.



Composer and Sound Designer Tai Vare has been working at the top of his field in the commercial film industry for several decades. Whether crafting high impact commercials or authentic cinematic works, Tai has an acute ear and talent for making every project live up to its highest potential. Tai has created many successful and memorable television commercial and feature campaigns showcasing his many musical talents.